Science Pun Episode #3: Solar Eclipse

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Solar Eclipse that’s coming up on Monday, August 21st because I definitely have. Just a few days ago, I went to get my annual eye exam check-up, and my eye doctor had already almost entirely sold out of those special solar eclipse glasses that he had ordered. Anyway, to honor this special occasion, I decided to make a Science Pun Episode #3 all about the Solar Eclipse! Take a look at the science pun below:


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Past, Present, and Future of Spacesuits

Image result for universeThe universe is a beautiful thing. Each day is another opportunity for cosmic expansion, the twinkling of stars, and incredible physics phenomena. Yet all enthusiasm is extinguished when you unexpectedly get tossed out of the airlock into the vacuum of space–without a space suit. A sudden lethal place the universe becomes.

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Oceans’ Mysteries and the Importance of a Microorganism at the Bottom of the Food Web

I’ve seen bodies of water since I was a child, going to beaches and visiting Canada’s national parks full of beautiful lakes. The oceans that surround our planet are captivating because they’re almost like a living being, pumping life throughout its depths. Yet oceans are mysterious in that they hold a plethora of secrets just waiting to be discovered. I’ll be building on my last post about EM radiation and its spectrum which can be found here.

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