Fight Against the Bystander Effect

Go back to your good ol’ (or current) days of school, and imagine yourself in the playground during recess. There’s a group of kids surrounding two students, and one of them is being bullied. You’re the bystander. Would you help or would you watch? Now, be honest when you answer this question. You might easily think, “Yes, I will do more than watch,” but would you really?

It seems as though the social norm is to do nothing, as everyone is merely watching and condoning to the bully’s behavior. I see this in high school where two kids get into a fight and everyone just crowds around, taking videos of it, laughing. No one runs to an adult to break up the fight. Would you have the courage to stand up to this immoral act?

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Taking Summer College Courses as a High Schooler

This summer, I took my first community college course! At first, I didn’t think I would have the time to do this along with all my other summer activities and it seemed kind of intimidating, but I’m extremely thankful that I did. I will be reflecting my experience on it, giving some advice on taking community college courses during the summer, and explaining why it’s so beneficial (especially while still in high school).

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History of Hong Kong and its Endless Discrimination

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One day, I was talking to a friend of mine that I had met at HOBY who used to live in Hong Kong. She was recounting unbelievable stories that I, as an American, have never experienced. My friend told me how Mandarin was her first language. However, in schooling, English was more favored, so overtime, she lost her Mandarin. Then, she told me that one time, she was in a store and picked up a toy to play with. The shopkeeper told her that she couldn’t touch it and took it away. When my friend suddenly asked her mom why she couldn’t play with the toy in English, the shopkeeper said, “Oh! You speak English?” and immediately gave her the toy back.

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