Taking Summer College Courses as a High Schooler

This summer, I took my first community college course! At first, I didn’t think I would have the time to do this along with all my other summer activities and it seemed kind of intimidating, but I’m extremely thankful that I did. I will be reflecting my experience on it, giving some advice on taking community college courses during the summer, and explaining why it’s so beneficial (especially while still in high school).

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My Past 3 Summers at Houston PREP

Houston PREP is an intensive 6 week program at the University of Houston for high schoolers interested in STEM fields. It is an ongoing program that participants can continue to go to for 4 years and learn from college professors. I started attending this program at the end of 7th grade.

You’re probably wondering why the heck I would spend my whole summer with even more school related work. I mean why not take long walks on the beach or binge-watch?

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