Volunteering at Houston Methodist Hospital

In middle school, I decided to complete my Girl Scout Silver Award by making hats and booties for the newborns at Houston Methodist Hospital. It was absolutely amazing. My project advisor helped me come up with the patterns, and I taught classmates at my school how to crochet them. In the end, over 200 hats and booties were made, and it gave me the best feeling in the whole wide world. I understood how much this meant to the hospital and all the new parents, especially when the baby was too small to fit the normal size ones at the stores. However, it’s even more significant when that newborn doesn’t make it, as these crocheted items show how much we care for them and their loss.

Ever since I finished my Silver Award, I wanted to continue my services at the hospital. I continued to deliver hats and booties whenever I had the time to make them during the school year and summer, but I wanted to do more. Fortunately, this year, I was old enough to apply for the Houston Methodist Hospital’s Junior Volunteer program.

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2017 HOBY Leadership Seminar Reflections

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is a nonprofit organization founded by Hugh O’Brian, inspiring youth leaders to continue leadership and innovation. HOBY has a multitude of amazing annual programs geared towards serving local and international students that are selected by their schools to participate.

This year, I became a HOBY Ambassador along with one other student to represent my high school! I submitted an essay to my counselor explaining who I was, why I wanted to be in the program, and what I would gain from it.

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