2017 HOBY Leadership Seminar Reflections

The Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is a nonprofit organization founded by Hugh O’Brian, inspiring youth leaders to continue leadership and innovation. HOBY has a multitude of amazing annual programs geared towards serving local and international students that are selected by their schools to participate.

This year, I became a HOBY Ambassador along with one other student to represent my high school! I submitted an essay to my counselor explaining who I was, why I wanted to be in the program, and what I would gain from it.

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Oceans’ Mysteries and the Importance of a Microorganism at the Bottom of the Food Web

I’ve seen bodies of water since I was a child, going to beaches and visiting Canada’s national parks full of beautiful lakes. The oceans that surround our planet are captivating because they’re almost like a living being, pumping life throughout its depths. Yet oceans are mysterious in that they hold a plethora of secrets just waiting to be discovered. I’ll be building on my last post about EM radiation and its spectrum which can be found here.

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Science Pun Episode #1: Electromagnetic Radiation

Hello my lovely and curious minded viewers. Today, I came up with the grand idea of starting a science pun series! Today, I will be talking a little bit about Electromagnetic Radiation! Here with me, I have my kind assistant Goofy Bob, a science major from Goofy University, who will be taking part in current and future episodes. Can’t start the episode without the first pun from our very own Heinrich Hertz.

Image result for electromagnetic radiation puns

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